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We believe that to deliver a project efficiently and to the best quality everyone involved needs to concentrate on what they do best. While your team focuses on their design strength we will support you in solving the project challenges around fenestration.
We help to:

Identify the right window solution for your project. We ensure that we truly understand the requirements and needs of all stakeholders to be able to identify the best solution. This is especially critical if your project requires an unique solution away from the norm. Maybe you are looking to incorporate sliding doors into a high-rise but need them to be typhoon proof, your client wants to use energy efficient windows but has budget concerns or your building shape requires customized windows. Complimenting our vast experience, our tight worldwide network of industry partners ensures that our knowledge of market trends and product developments within the window industry is always right up-to-date.

Enable you to use new, cutting edge technologies. Smart glass, solar windows, windows that turn into balconies – we are connected to the innovators, know exactly where they are in their lifecycle or launch process and what is needed to incorporate these technologies in a project. We understand how pressed for time your team can be, and that tight deadlines can make you naturally gravitate towards your regular supplier. Sometimes this might mean that you don’t have the time to ensure that this partner offers the most suitable or most economical solution for the project at hand. We will help you to quickly make certain that you use the truly best product for your project and gladly include your preferred suppliers in an external benchmarking exercise. Rather than you having to deal with sales representatives from many different companies, we will ease that burden and present you with a clear evaluation as to the best way forward.

Ensure that if compromises have to be made that there is a clear understanding which trade-offs will be made in the product selection (performance vs cost for example), and what alternative scenarios could look like. This ensures that there is no discrepancy between what the client expects and the actually installed windows.

Prequalify manufacturing partners. Especially when a product is used for the first time in Singapore it is essential to clarify if the manufacturing and installation partners are able to produce up to the international standard expected. We will assure you of their capabilities and can help to close any knowledge gap.

Assure the Project Quality and support you during the final technical inspection to ensure that the work conforms to specification and is free of defect.

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