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Favourite finds from fensterbau

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Having had a few weeks to sift though our mountain of pictures and notes from the fensterbau exhibition 2018 we have put together a list of the favourite products we saw.

MACO's "Window of the Future" at Fensterbau 2018

From an overall innovation standpoint, we were most impressed with MACO’s “Window of the Future” concept. The robot-operated display caught the eye of the masses and we learned that the concept enables the building of most opening types with just four components. It wins on the design front with a very sleek look and shows real innovation in the interplay of profile and hardware. Don’t get too excited yet – it is only a concept study at the moment and not available for purchase.

LIBART vertical slide window at Carolina Ale House Restaurant

The motorized vertical slide windows of LIBART are a great solution for the hospitality industry. We like the large panorama view the windows support whilst also being thermally efficient. They have a fail-safe feature, necessary when moving panels up to 20 m², and are almost maintenance-free. LIBART also offer retractable pool and patio enclosures that look great.

GUTMANN door display with architectural bronze cladding at fensterbau 2018

The System House that stood out for us was GUTMANN. GUTMANN showed many stunning and high quality displays, including a tight timber sliding window based on the ROTO INOWA technology. The exhibit that immediately caught our eye was the door with architectural bronze cladding. The high quality craftsmanship of their products combined with the willingness to innovate and push the design limits make them a company we will keep watching.

Solarlux Fold and Slide Door

Big sliding and folding panels are always a hot topic in South East Asia and we really like the solutions from Solarlux. As well as their existing aluminium solution they also showed at the fensterbau a timber and timber/alu option. We appreciate that the doors can be built up to 3.5 meters and with super low thresholds. We also love the new cero sliding door that moves panels up to 15 m² with a just 34mm slim frame. A product we want to see more of for Asia.

Handmade FAMA bronze handles

An Italian handle company we admired is FAMA. In ancient handmade techniques they bring stunning timeless designs to bronze handles. Combined with a high-end timber door we struggle to think of something that will look and feel more luxurious. Pick either from their range of designs or have them replicate any model you want.

Finally, we got talking to the people of Accoya at the exhibition. Accoya is a modified timber that is rot-resistant, defies the elements and stays strong for decades. It is guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater – it is even used for submerged bridges! FSC and Cradle to Cradle Gold certified it is a great sustainable option for long-lasting, stunning timber windows and doors.

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