Project Quality Assurance

Leveraging many years of practical experience in the window industry, windowPLACE offers a layer of independent assurance for your most critical projects.
We understand that planning tolerances in complex projects are low, with the objectives of quality, cost and time not always in balance. When a new and high-end technology is used, ensuring the quality of components, manufacturing and installation is especially critical.
Having an external party who is comfortable being hands-on whilst also retaining a view of the “big picture” plan during execution can identify issues early, recommend areas for efficiency, and ensure best practices are being followed.
Our German quality assurance system establishes a clear quality expectation between the involved parties, will ensure that strict quality control measures are in place across the manufacturing process and installation phases, plus will identify and help remedy gaps in training or knowledge.
We will be present with you for the final technical inspection to ensure that the work conforms to specification and is free of defect before approval.
Simply put – our expertise will make sure you receive the quality that you expect.